What is Parenthood Prep?

It's an interactive course for expecting parents that includes video and audio modules, Q&A calls, and a Facebook group so you can connect with your fellow first-timers.

What Will I Learn?

  • “I’m not going to talk about poop all the time!” – expectations vs. reality

  • Practical skills! (like changing a baby in the back of the car because the Starbucks doesn’t have a changing table)

  • Soothing techniques for when your baby just won’t chill out.

  • How not to be a total zombie (hint: it’s not “sleep when the baby sleeps”)

  • “Is that smell a dirty diaper, or me?” Self-care when you have a newborn

  • Hired care options – doulas, nannies, overnights, oh my!

  • Creating great sleep habits while also cuddling your baby as much as you want

  • Knowing when to change your nipple and diaper sizes (did you even know they come in different sizes? You’re already ahead of the game!)